Cat Tree 130 cm colour dark brown

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A mid size cat tree with multiple levels.
2 cubby hole for your cat to hide away.


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A Cat Scratch Tree is just the perfect thing to cater to your cats’ natural instincts.
this  Scratch Tree features cubby holes and platforms of various heights to allow your pet to jump, hop, skip, scratch, rest and nap to its heart’s content. The poles are fully wrapped with thick sisal, which is ideal for your pet to practice daily regime of keeping its claws in good shape. Also, it can help to keep your pet off your expensive furniture.
Made from E1 standard board and natural sisal, the entire unit is both pet and eco-friendly with durable and long lasting qualities.
What’s more, the Scratch Tree is upholstered with a plush velvety surface for extra comfort and style!

1.3M Cat Scratching Post, Scratcher Tower.
Frame material: MDF Board.
Cover material:  Plush
Pole material: Sisal & plush
Colour:  Dark brown / Height Overall dimension: Base 50cm x 50cm Height 130cm



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